Thursday, 19 December 2013

♚♚♚ WINTER COATS 2013 ♚♚♚

a look at which coats i will be wearing this winter.

All i've wanted for as long as I can remember is a Burberry mac, but as that is destined to be forever out of my price range, i've been searching for the perfect copy for a good few years now. I finally found this one in a charity shop for only £7 and it could not of fit me any more perfectly. My only problem being that i dont actually know who made it seeing as the label was cut out by the previous owner but im sure i'll live 
I think a coat like this will never go out of fashion so i hope to be wearing it for a long time as i love wearing it. i feel so glamorous!

I've had my eye on this tartan baby since late july when it first arrived in my local primark and finally ended up having it bought for mr for my birthday in the begining of September just in time for the Autumn. It's a really good but cheap statement item if you are looking to follow the tartan trend that  is huge this season. However, with it being primark, its not rare to walk past someone wearing it at the same time you are and the sleeve did rip on the seam once but 30 seconds with my sewing machine soon solved that.

Obviously parkers are massive this year and a lot of people are wearing them. this one i bought i think around 3 years ago but i used to hate the way it fitted so it never really got worn. But as everyone knows i cannot stand to throw away clothes, it was thrown into a box and forgotten about until i stumbled across it a few weeks ago. And it suddenly fits just right and i love it for the first time ever! Its so cosy and definately my 'don't mess, im warm' coat for the year.


  1. aw I love the tartan one! I'm a new follower ;)


    1. me too, i think thats probably my favourite one!
      i've just followed you too :-) xxx

  2. Sweet Blog site. I dig the blog:)