Wednesday, 10 April 2013

✄ ✄ team crop USA

Apologies for my face and hair in this post. id just come back from the gym then swimming and had to get the photos done before the daylight ran out hahaha!!!
i LOVE this new crop top so much, got it for a bargain £4. if you saw my post on crop tops for some a few weeks back then you will know how excited i am about them this season. i hope this is the first of many!
while i was out and about shopping first thing this morning i couldn't help but notice the massive american high school kind of trend on the high street. it's everywhere! i was with my mum for the day and she started to point it out too! that will definitely be huge in the coming months i think.

necklace//People Tree

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

hey sailor! ✝ ✝ ✝

wore (almost) this outfit to the o2 in London. the top i actually wore was still black and white stripes but it was strapless instead and these photos dont have the killer red wedges i was wearing too!
im so in love with this bracelet. ive had it for years but never had anything to wear it with but it's so unique ive never seen anything like it before i got it or since!

belt//New Look
bracelet//Dorothy Perkins

Monday, 8 April 2013

suppa sunday atire ☮☮☮

obsessed with how long my hair has gotten!!!!!! the second set of my million outfit photos i shot yesterday :-)
i dont know if i have anything else to write now aaaaah.

jeans&jumper both H&M 

♒♒go faster stripes♒♒

go faster stripes. prime example of something which if i could have in me, i would. my life has been so hectic the past few weeks ive found myself wishing i could do everything that little bit quicker. its the only explanation i have for my distinct lack of posts! that, along with being in bed for near enough two weeks straight with a horrid chest infection followed by tonsillitis!
however, yesterday i managed to shoot two outfits from outings over the past month or so as well as my ootd and ive just finished doing my ootd from today so i will be posting those over the course of the next couple of days :-)
this outfit i wore to... ~here's a confession~ see one direction in nottingham.. for the second time on their current tour.. and i still have two more shows to go. boyband fetish. i cant help it. its a good excuse to dress up anyway!!!

top is my mums, necklace from the cutest little independant jewellery shop i found in Norwich called People Tree, skirt from H&M xxx