Tuesday, 18 September 2012

while in America...

..it would be rude not to buy these two wouldn't it?!
 i think the Vogue put my suitcase over the weight!!! always forget how big they are until i actually pick one up!
Gaga interviews are my favourite things to read by far. In general they all tend to be written in a similar way, all sort of commentating on the way she works a room or speaks so mysteriously. Although they are all kind of same-y, i could still sit and read new ones all day every day. my Queen!! (and im still hurting over missing born this way ball in London last weekend too)

recent photos: August/September

flight // vitamin water zero (so good!!!) // cannot stop listening to taylor swift // parents photobombing me // lakeside house // the florida aquarium // fresh water springs // hudson park island // cutest cat wouldnt leave me alone // birthday card from amy // st james's hill with my dad on my birthday // galdem // bouquet from grace // booked train tickets for london in a few weeks // cooked breakfast from kori and reba to cheer ourselves up // harry styles being a fucking fit prick and my new laptop backround.

all from my instagram: @emmamamamama