Wednesday, 12 December 2012

black. gold. red.

apologies for my make up-less face and horrific untidy room. i literally had to clear a hole in the mess just to take these photos. also i've been a little ill this week so obviously been lazy lazy lazy too. i managed to haul myself out of bed for half an hour or so, so that i could do this post to cure at lease a tiny bit of my bordem.
I think i might wear this outfit for a spot of christmas shopping tomorrow - if i can make it out of the house, that is! defo too cold outside for my liking. according to my phone, it was -5 this morning!

Shirt // Matalan
Shorts // Handmade
Hat // Topshop
Bracelets & Necklace // Market Stall


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

❅ xmas wishlist ❅

1. 'Nighthawk' Boots // Office // £55 
Obviously pretty much everyone has been obsessed with the Jeffrey Campbell's which are pretty similar to these, and a lot of people have gone out and bought the Topshop 'Alvins' which i did look at getting but they are a little bit pricey and i do prefer the look of these ones so hopefully i'll be getting these in two weeks time.

2. Tube Scarf // H&M // £9.99
I've been in need of tube scarf for ages seeing as all the scarves i have at the minute seem to blow over my shoulders in the wind which is horrendous. I really like this one because its a really unique, bold colour and it's so thick and warm and lovely!

3. House of Holland 'Stallegtight' Tights // £12 // House Of Holland
These tights i think are quite a similar style to 'suspender' tights with the two different denier tones at the top and bottom. But i am in love with these because of how different they are from anything else i've ever seen before and coming to think of it, i find myself saying this a lot about Henry Holland. I definitely admire his individual style as a designer. These would surely be the stand out piece of any outfit you wore them with. 

4. Helvetica T-shirt // £19.99 // American Apparel
I've been wanting this tshirt for as long as i can remember but just never gotten round to buying it. It's a great casual top to wear all year round which would go well with pretty much anything so it's definitely a good buy.

5. Hello Kitty iPhone Cover // £7.50 // Amazon
i am OBSESSED with everything hello kitty!!! and i am desperately in need of a new phone case since i used to have the absolute cutest leopard print one which kept cracking and cracking to the point where it completely broke in half! I just think this is adorable and there is quite a big trend at me moment for 3D phone cases so there's that too.

6, 7, 8. Keri Smith Books // £6.29 each // Amazon
I have been in love with Keri Smith since the day i bought my Wreck This Journal and then another of her books 'How to be an explorer of the world' I think her books are really inspirational and they make you notice things in your everyday life that maybe you would of just over-looked before. The only way i can describe them is as giant colouring and activity books for adults. If you've not heard of Keri Smith before, i suggest you go out and find at least one of her books right now!

9. Annie Mac Presents: 2012 // £10 // HMV
i literally love Annie Mac so much. i've listened to the previews of this album about 1000 times but ive been so skint since it came out so i haven't been able to afford it boooo :(
I dropped a lot of hints to the girl who i know has got me on secret santa that i REAAAALLLY want it so hopefully this may be coming my way.

10. Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish // £4 // Boots
Like near enough every girl, i can never have enough nail polish. I think this is  a really interesting idea for one  and i creates the coolest pattern on your nails with near enough zero extra effort! If you haven't heard of this before you should definitely get googling it!

Hope everyone has a good evening! xxxxxx

Sunday, 9 December 2012

☾☮ ☼ ☮☾


hellooooooo this is my outfit from today. i didn't do much, just went to my boyfriend's house for a roast dinner and for a walk around the city. it was so so cold, i definitely didnt dress for the weather.
  i haven't worn my disco pants in ages so they deserved a day out and the bud top is my favourite of all time!! i tried on this outfit with the blazer and i felt too smart for a sunday so i went for a more casual jacket.

disco pants // boohoo
top // target
 blazer // h&m
denim jacket // h&m
necklace // market stall
bracelet // my nannas


so, today i had plenty of free time and after browsing blogs for ages i ended up on Grace and Braver 
(who is absolutely stunning and does the best hair tutorials!!!!!) 
and followed her tutorial for milkbraids, which was so easy!
The way she uses gifs to demonstrate what you actually need to do is really helpful.

I'm not really sure if this style suits me so well, but it might just be the fact that i'm not actually dressed that makes them look bad. i'll definitely try them again soon. xxxxx

Saturday, 8 December 2012

❅ ❅ ❅ ❅

it's getting colder! we've had snow here the past 3 days and although its only a tiny bit, it feels so much like christmas and winter and i love it! Unlike most people, when it gets really cold, instead of wearing jeans and thick leggings and real warm things, i tend to start getting tights and pretty skirts out hahaha. I just think it looks so adorable when you wear tights with cute little boots when there's snow and ice around.

This is the outfit i wore today to visit my nanna and do general saturday routine things.

Dress & Jumper both from H&M :---)

Friday, 7 December 2012

today i wore

sadly, i had to go to a funeral this morning :-(
and finding accessories that look good AND are funeral-appropriate is a lot harder challenge that it sounds.
i was looking through my jewellery box and i found this that my nan gave me about 4 years ago.
I was always obsessed with this when i was a kid and i still am now to a point. It's one of those things that you put on and you can't stop thinking about and looking at in every reflective surface and pointing out to people at every given opportunity. And why would you not want to? It's absolutely beautiful.
My nan bought this in 1952, and it literally looks like it was made yesturday. She's looked after it so well and i am shit scared of losing/damaging it. It probably doesn't have any real value, but i love it to bits.

probably none of that makes sense in sentences. i am half asleep.
also shit quality instagram pic sozzles.



its really sad that they're 105 Australasian dollars and i have no idea how much that is in pounds but its probably a lot.. but Black Milk have FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE all through December which i could probably convince myself is a good enough excuse to buy them.. 

also i love how on the page for every item on the side they have a photo roll of tagged instagram pics from everyone who's bought them (or just everyone who's took a photo) and also pictures from their facebook. It's really interesting to see how different people all over the world have styled things.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


These are some of the unedited shots from my photoshoot from last week of my final piece for my 3D sculptural body adornment piece which i am really proud of!
I'm not entirely happy with the top half of it. It would of probably worked better if i used less intense colours since im not sure if it completely matches the bottom half but its too late now, oh well! hahaha! 
But i'm really pleased with how the skirt turned out since i made it from scratch and i've never really made anything like that before and the sewing machine scares me shit less!

Massssssssive thank you to Tara for modelling for me. xxxx

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tie Dye Leggings Tutorial

i seem to waste about 80% of my life making tie dye leggings. They're kind of my speciality. I find it really exciting how they turn out different every single time. So this is my 'How To' for tie dye leggings.

Start with a pair of plain black leggings. I normally use just a cheap £2 pair from Primark. 
And you'll need LOTS of elastic bands.

Pinch and pull up the material making sure that you only have it from one side of the leg and put a band around the bottom of what you've pulled so it makes kind of a sticking out bit and then put bands all the way up that. Repeat it all over until you end up with......

This will make a circular pattern in your tie dye. Alternatively, if you want to create a striped pattern, put thick elastic bands around each of the legs about an inch apart all the way down.

When you're ready, you need to bleach your leggings.
You don't need anything special for this, just some normal household bleach which you can get for about £1 at most supermarkets, and a bucket.

Mix the bleach with water, about 1/3 bleach, 2/3 water and stir it for a few minutes before putting your leggings in. You need to leave them for around 24 hours. When you do put them in make sure they are completely submerged so that the colour turns out even, also i would suggest stirring them every few hours if you can.

When you take them out they should look like this.

And then when you take the elastic bands off...

They should look something like this!!!!!


If you try experimenting like i did you can create even more colourful effects, for example..

These were made by submerging in pink fabric dye BEFORE removing the elastic bands.


These were made by submerging in Tulip Red dye AFTER removing elastic bands.

As I said to start with, i think im addicted to making these.
They're a really cool way to make something individual cheaply and with minimum effort.
Soon you'll get people asking 'Where did you get those?!?!' 
To which you can answer.... pretty much whatever you like! because no one's gonna ever have the exact same!