Thursday, 31 January 2013

cosy afternoon ☺☺☺☺☺

discovered these tights while getting dressed this morning and i have literally become obsessed with them in the space of 6 hours!!! i cant remember ever buying them so it was a nice surprise them just appearing! I love how pretty and girlie they are. I always feel like a child again when i wear patterned tights. They remind me of little pink wooly ones with ducks on which seem to appear in every single one of my baby photos.

Jumper // H&M
Shorts // Handmade
~~~~mysterious tights // unknown~~~~

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

this has been Janurary ❄♡

the most beautiful smelling thing in the world // cheer up emma present // family dinner
longest train ride // little chef breakfast wrap // new boots arrived
illness day in bed // braces off(!!!!) // snow day entertainment

bang on trend boots // graces road in the snow // i look like a child with tom
prettiest trees // ootd feat. boyf // best book
reminiscing and missing florida // cool present from henri // broke the 1 million barrier on temple run

learning the cup song // first creme egg of the year // interesting job application
college work aka chopping up mags // coffee with grace // boyfriend's 'jedi robe'
tesco online shop // stir fry making // running fee and odd socks

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

dunga dungaz ☮♡

obsessed with the idea of dungarees for spring!! so excited for the whole 90's revival thing that's happening at the moment too, thats gonna be fun for the next few months.
I saw pair (are they even called a pair?!) number 3 featured in the new February issue of company magazine last week and have been obsessively online shopping for them since! I think i prefer the full length ones but the shorts would be so cool for summer.

✿✿✿ and it was all yellow ✿✿✿

hiiiiii i am aware two of these pictures are really similar but i couldn't choose between them hahaha.
today is the 9th day with snow on the ground here which is an absolute joke because i can only wear wellies and there's only so many outfits you can make with those!

top // h&m
cardigan // h&m
jeans // primark
boots // office

Saturday, 12 January 2013

♔♕ when im gone ♕♔

Slight interruption from my cat at the end there, say hello to Bumble! 
Woke up nice and early this morning in a very productive mood. So far i've done this post, sorted out a new bank account since my current bank is useless, cleaned the kitchen and charged everything electrical that i own. I definitely need a new one of everything.
Also, I spent all yesterday evening learning the cup song ( which is SO hard. The cup part is easy but trying to sing at the same time is near enough impossible. My hands are very very bruised too. I think thats how you know you've done it too much.
As for this outfit, i really have to apologise for the horrificly see-through leggings hahaha. And this is a debut outfit for my new boots which i have wanted for god knows how long! I wanted them for christmas but didnt get them but they were reduced to £55 on the Office site just before christmas and i just stumbelled upon them on the House of Frazer site and managed to get them for £35. Such a Bargin and i am in L. O. V. E.

Jumper // Vintage Jaeger
Jacket // H&M Kids
(i bought it when i was 11 its a miracle it still fits, just)
Leggings // Primark 
Boots // Office

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Years Day

Looking back, i probably didnt choose the right bra to wear with this top...
NYD my Nan and Grandad came round for probably the biggest roast dinner i have ever seen in my life and resulted in me having the biggest food baby ever afterwards. I dont think i chose my top very well for that either..

Top // Apricot at New Look
Jeans // Matalan
Belt // Peacocks
Earrings // Christmas Present
Nails // Barry M Gelly in Pomegranate.

New Years Eve, Eve

Christmas and New Year have been and gone so quickly its almost scary!!
Over the last week or two i've barely even left the house so hence not getting dressed and no outfit posts, sorry!
This is an outfit i rushed putting together for a party the night before new years eve.
The top is new, i bought it when i was out shopping with my best friend the other day. She spotted it for me and shoved it in my basket in Primark without telling me until i got to pay and found it there. No joke when I say I nearly cried at how cool it was hahaha!

Top // Primark
Disco Pants // Boohoo