Saturday, 12 January 2013

♔♕ when im gone ♕♔

Slight interruption from my cat at the end there, say hello to Bumble! 
Woke up nice and early this morning in a very productive mood. So far i've done this post, sorted out a new bank account since my current bank is useless, cleaned the kitchen and charged everything electrical that i own. I definitely need a new one of everything.
Also, I spent all yesterday evening learning the cup song ( which is SO hard. The cup part is easy but trying to sing at the same time is near enough impossible. My hands are very very bruised too. I think thats how you know you've done it too much.
As for this outfit, i really have to apologise for the horrificly see-through leggings hahaha. And this is a debut outfit for my new boots which i have wanted for god knows how long! I wanted them for christmas but didnt get them but they were reduced to £55 on the Office site just before christmas and i just stumbelled upon them on the House of Frazer site and managed to get them for £35. Such a Bargin and i am in L. O. V. E.

Jumper // Vintage Jaeger
Jacket // H&M Kids
(i bought it when i was 11 its a miracle it still fits, just)
Leggings // Primark 
Boots // Office