Tuesday, 11 December 2012

❅ xmas wishlist ❅

1. 'Nighthawk' Boots // Office // £55 
Obviously pretty much everyone has been obsessed with the Jeffrey Campbell's which are pretty similar to these, and a lot of people have gone out and bought the Topshop 'Alvins' which i did look at getting but they are a little bit pricey and i do prefer the look of these ones so hopefully i'll be getting these in two weeks time.

2. Tube Scarf // H&M // £9.99
I've been in need of tube scarf for ages seeing as all the scarves i have at the minute seem to blow over my shoulders in the wind which is horrendous. I really like this one because its a really unique, bold colour and it's so thick and warm and lovely!

3. House of Holland 'Stallegtight' Tights // £12 // House Of Holland
These tights i think are quite a similar style to 'suspender' tights with the two different denier tones at the top and bottom. But i am in love with these because of how different they are from anything else i've ever seen before and coming to think of it, i find myself saying this a lot about Henry Holland. I definitely admire his individual style as a designer. These would surely be the stand out piece of any outfit you wore them with. 

4. Helvetica T-shirt // £19.99 // American Apparel
I've been wanting this tshirt for as long as i can remember but just never gotten round to buying it. It's a great casual top to wear all year round which would go well with pretty much anything so it's definitely a good buy.

5. Hello Kitty iPhone Cover // £7.50 // Amazon
i am OBSESSED with everything hello kitty!!! and i am desperately in need of a new phone case since i used to have the absolute cutest leopard print one which kept cracking and cracking to the point where it completely broke in half! I just think this is adorable and there is quite a big trend at me moment for 3D phone cases so there's that too.

6, 7, 8. Keri Smith Books // £6.29 each // Amazon
I have been in love with Keri Smith since the day i bought my Wreck This Journal and then another of her books 'How to be an explorer of the world' I think her books are really inspirational and they make you notice things in your everyday life that maybe you would of just over-looked before. The only way i can describe them is as giant colouring and activity books for adults. If you've not heard of Keri Smith before, i suggest you go out and find at least one of her books right now!

9. Annie Mac Presents: 2012 // £10 // HMV
i literally love Annie Mac so much. i've listened to the previews of this album about 1000 times but ive been so skint since it came out so i haven't been able to afford it boooo :(
I dropped a lot of hints to the girl who i know has got me on secret santa that i REAAAALLLY want it so hopefully this may be coming my way.

10. Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish // £4 // Boots
Like near enough every girl, i can never have enough nail polish. I think this is  a really interesting idea for one  and i creates the coolest pattern on your nails with near enough zero extra effort! If you haven't heard of this before you should definitely get googling it!

Hope everyone has a good evening! xxxxxx

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