Monday, 8 April 2013

♒♒go faster stripes♒♒

go faster stripes. prime example of something which if i could have in me, i would. my life has been so hectic the past few weeks ive found myself wishing i could do everything that little bit quicker. its the only explanation i have for my distinct lack of posts! that, along with being in bed for near enough two weeks straight with a horrid chest infection followed by tonsillitis!
however, yesterday i managed to shoot two outfits from outings over the past month or so as well as my ootd and ive just finished doing my ootd from today so i will be posting those over the course of the next couple of days :-)
this outfit i wore to... ~here's a confession~ see one direction in nottingham.. for the second time on their current tour.. and i still have two more shows to go. boyband fetish. i cant help it. its a good excuse to dress up anyway!!!

top is my mums, necklace from the cutest little independant jewellery shop i found in Norwich called People Tree, skirt from H&M xxx

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