Saturday, 21 December 2013

♡♡♡ blue and comfy ♡♡♡

you know when you make an outfit. and then its just the most perfect outfit ever. and all the clothes in it you've had for months. and you don't understand why you've never worn it before. because it just works for everything. and it suits the weather. and you just look super cute but like you haven't tried all at the same time. and its nice enough to wear out for dinner, but you can just wear it on the sofa watching tv and it doesnt look out of place. and you just sit there in amazement. like, this is my new favorite outfit. and a love story begins. and you remember why you fell in love with clothes in the first place. and everything is right in the world. 

jumper // dorothy perkins
dress // h&m
shoes // puma
necklace // ebay

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