Monday, 20 January 2014

lets bring that back ♡♡♡

i fucking love this skirt. i haven't worn it for at least 2 years but i still fucking love this skirt.
i bought it way way way back in 2009 when i was 13 on one of the first ever times my mum let me go shopping by myself. i think this was the day where i fell in love with bodycon skirts and one of my most important steps in developing and undying love for clothing. not that i even knew at the time what bodycon was at the time, all i knew was that it was fun, it was something new and it was something that made me feel so so grown up. just the texture of it now after all this time brings it all back and i remember all the times of wearing it so well. it weird. i'm pretty sure i had one of the worst nights of my little teenage life wearing it too, but that wont make me love it any less at all. 

skirt // h&m
top // primark
boots // dr marten


  1. ah I love your blog!! It's so fun to read. Your outfit is uber cute as well - those boots!!

    I have a new post about my January Wishlist, would love to hear what you think :)


  2. Your blog is such a good blog to read!
    Great post x

    Jess x