Friday, 24 January 2014

dont wanna brag but..

Dont wanna brag but two weeks after i bought these shorts, Rihanna was see in them in London. 
I don't know if i love that or hate that. I see it as a good point as i remember she got so much positive press over this outfit, it was well over a year ago now and its still the first image up when you google 'Rihanna Topshop' so obviously i made a good choice buying them. But then theres the obvious visible downside that I do not look as good as that in them. But then noone looks as good as that in them. 
It just makes me happy that they were in the sale when i got them and they had been for a while. So we all know what that means.... Rihanna sale shops too! Positives.

(I've been looking at this post for a long time and i think i should buy a peach colored jumper)

TOP // H&M

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  1. Those shorts are super cute, I have to say!
    Zoha xx