Monday, 27 January 2014

clear out your closet emma! ☼☼☼

A slight change from the usual posts today, i wanna share something with you guys!
As you may or may not know i am the biggest clothing hoarder, potentially on the whole planet. My collection outgrew a wardrobe way way back, then one whole bedroom so i had to up-size and now sits on two rammed full 4 foot long, industrial strength (for the weight of things) rails, as well as 3 chests of drawers and several boxes under the bed. Really, the light bulbs should be coming on and telling you that you have way too many clothes long before mine did, I'm talking when you have to go out and buy new hangers every month because the stuff is expanding so fast there's nowhere for it to go!!!
I'm OBSESSED. A total shopaholic, I can't resist a sale or any kind of bargain either, thrift shops, the lot! Let alone when my friends decide to clear out and let me rummage through the donate pile and i and end up taking maybe 5, 6, 7 things home with me. One mans trash another mans treasure eh? I love clothes, I can't bare to see them thrown out! I guess I'm just so in love with the idea of keeping things for so long and rediscovering them and bringing them out again in 3 or 4 years and them still looking as fabulous as the day they were bought. Like the scene from the first Sex and The City movie where she tries on 20 years worth of clothes from her giant closet before moving out of her apartment. It's my favourite movie scene of all time. (see video at bottom of post!!!!) 
Also the idea of Reinventing something old and unwearable and making something completely new with the fabrics.
But sometimes you just can't keep everything, as I've learnt the hard way. After realizing that i hadn't gotten rid of a single item for a good two years, I made a pathetic attempt to clear out.
It may have only ended up being 5 things but any progress is good progress. They were things that were ripped and stained and stretched and good for nothing but i still struggled. The disco pants from one of my first ever blog posts are gone!! :( But now my whole wardrobe feels so clear and fresh and I've made a promise to myself that i will try to throw away at least two things per month for the rest of 2014. It might not seem a lot but i know i genuinely will struggle with it! Hopefully it will help me break my hoarding habbit!

How often do you guys clear out?
Maybe I'm not as bad as i think!

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