Thursday, 16 January 2014

back in the day ☮☮☮

my mum on this outfit; "i dressed you exactly like this when you were about four"
i really hope there's a photo, it would be so fun to compare then and now!!!

anyway, i am SO EXCITED about this outfit. there is nothing i have ever wanted more than skinny, full length dungarees, but as i struggle to buy normal jeans that fit me because of a really inconvenient ass size - hip size ratio, i'd kinda ruled them out as impossible. so when i stumbled upon these while trying to kill some time with shopping, it was only right that i tried them on, and they're PERFECT! i have never come across a stretchier denim in my life and at the exact right time too!!!

Dungarees // H&M
Top // H&M
Bag // Vintage
Earrings // Topshop
Trainers // Puma


  1. Love the striped top and the bag

  2. I'm loving that bag! That is something I would have!

    Jess x

    Feel free to drop by anytime!xxxx

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  5. Love love love the dungarees and stripey top combo! You look fabbb Emma! xx

  6. This is way too cute. I love the striped shirt.


  7. Ahh I love your dungarees, so cute! <3

    Jennie xo |