Monday, 29 July 2013

updates ♡♡

ill start with hello.
then second comes a massive apology for not posting in nearly 2 months!!! finding the time for this has been a  nightmare especially if you've been feeling as uninspired as me recently. although i've still been taking outfit photos as you can see from the 4 posts of just done right on top of one another, uploading them is a whole other story!
just recently ive been feeling that this has been getting a little repetitive. 'girl takes photo in bedroom the end' kind of thing. im kind of hoping to make this blog a little less fashion and a little more me. i've been thinking recently about making some vlogs just to document my life a little more and to look back on in the future which i could share with you on here and just generally some more of my life on top of the outfits, not instead of them. this means more posts from me and not less that is a promise!

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