Thursday, 7 February 2013

✄ ✄ ✄ Primark Haul

Primark Haul feat. New Look bag, purse and belts and random book.
This is a classic case of 'Things that look nice on but shit in a photo'.
On Saturday i went on what was meant to be a 'massive shopping trip' with my mum which actually ended up as being 'lets spend two hours in primark and then spent the rest of the day trawling round shops looking for a nice bag and finding nothing'. 
The 'Slouch' socks were recommended by my mum. I quote 'I used to have some of these in the 80's!' 'Everyone wore them with leggings and boots!' 'They're like leg warmers and socks in one thing!' And as much as i would like to despise her over-enthusiasm, she is completely right and i am obsessed with them.
The Denim shirt with sheer sleeves is something i'd had my eye on for ages. i absolutely love it! I saw it a few weeks back when i was completely skint and as it was right at the front of the store i didnt think it would be there too long but luckly i found three of them tucked right in a corner. Now as it's primark im expecting it to be quite a common thing that i see a lot of people wearing but i think i can style it well to make it my own.
Also as i've gone through this post it's come to my attention that almost everything i've bought is black.. Sorry for rambling!

Duvet Cover // £16
Pastel Socks // £3
Slouch Socks // £2.50
3 Pack of Tights // £3
Mickey Mouse Tights // £3
Black Jeans // £11
Black Jumper // £12
Pants // £1.70
Lilac Jumper // £6
Shirt // £12
Make up wipes // £1
Breath Spray (looool) // 70p
All Primark.

Bag // £14.99
Purse // £11.99
Belts // £2 each
All New Look.

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